Our production company creates your vision and expands your content.

We offer you a unique experience and results that are exceptional beyond the top, tailor-made for You.


Our mission is to create a good atmosphere on set for our clients, provide the best result and a long lasting relationship. With in-house equipment and established staff we want to make anything possible for our clients.

Your dreams, Our reality.

We are the right company for You!

Continue reading the reasons why the international production company Nikeisha Andersson Film is best and right for you, that are looking for a more advanced quality in your media content.

Nikeisha Andersson




Nikeisha Andersson is publicly known for her early success in becoming one of the top 5 of Sweden's most powerful women at only age 21 owing to her unique and extraoordinary film productions and entrepreneurship.

NAF's staff contains a wide group of international workers with 10+ years of experience withing film, make-up and concept developement. A large range of awards and nominations and driven for even more. NAF is divided in different departments; Beauty, Styling, Photography, Editing, Coloring and Concept development. 

With the latest updates of AVID, Adobe Creative programs, Davinchi and a long list of necessary programs to create an ultimate result is our right hand. Our staff works with high-end technology. You are not only choosing extremly good staff, but also using the best technology! 

Since NAF has several departments there are a wide range of possibilities for internship, from you home all the way to a filming shoot. Join our advanced film sets, or our beaty team. Contact us through e-mail and let us know what country you are in to find out what intership we have for You.